GoDaddy’s Security Sucks – How many times can we say this?

GoDaddy’s security sucks. We all know this. I have gotten domains stolen from me in the past no numerous other developers that have as well and just yesterday a big story came out about how someone socially hacked GoDaddy & PayPal to steal Naoki Hiroshima’s domains and gain access to the victims email accounts and from there all of their accounts on the internet. The hacker was able to do this by work
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How to get full source referral URL in Google Analytics

For a long time seeing the full source referral URL in Google Analytics has eluded me.  Once in while when I have time I start to dig in and I can find it, but it hasn’t been easy. To solve this problem though I found a fantastic Google Analytics “template” report file that will generate reports for you with the full source referral url. Google Analytics Custom Report Template All you have to do is
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How to attach images to email using MFMailComposeViewController

MFMailComposeViewController *picker = [[MFMailComposeViewController alloc] init]; [picker addAttachmentData:UIImagePNGRepresentation(_imageView.image) mimeType:@"image/png" fileName:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ %@.png",_comicItem.comicName,_comicItem.entryTitle]]; You can change this to JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. Here’s a sample video as well, not that short, but it’s a simple tutorial: iPhone Programming: I
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ebay scammer movie2share.net scam

So anyone buying from the url movie2share.net appears to be a paypal / ebay scammer.  The are easy to catch, but they buy things like gift cards using stolen paypal account and ask you to send the cards through ebay message, why not email…I don’t know, because they have access to the persons email.  it’s a simple scam to catch because the paypal and ebay names/emails don’t line up.  but still.
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How to create Pulse style scrolling with a Horizontal UITableView (Including Bounce!!)

Alright, this is actually really simple. You would think this would work Create your main UITableView – then in each cell create another UITableView and apply a transform of 90° and you’re good.  But UITableView’s don’t work like that – you end up losing bouncing horizontally on your internal UITableView’s and there is seemingly no solution, but it’s easy. Wrap your Cell̵
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Corrupt .png iPhone causes black and white stripes

Today I built an iPhone app in simulator and it looked great, but on the actual iPhone the images were just black and white stripes across the screen.  I couldn’t find what caused the error but it seems certain .png’s aren’t liked by the iPhone, perhaps getting corrupted.  I resaved as a new .png and now the images look great!
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GDataXML Leaks

I’ve started using GDataXML for almost all of my iPhone XML needs, but I quickly noticed that after a few refreshes my project was leaking thousands of strings and this was unacceptable.  Almost 1MB of leaked strings after 5 refreshes.  To curb this, write this wrap your GDataXML code in a NSAutoReleasePool block (you might have to change some NSAutoReleasePools to blocks within the GData code as well) NSMutabl
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With iOS5 a number of new features abound for us programmers including the ability to easily subclass and restyle the standard UI functions.  I spent some time today and learned how to style a UIPopoverController and it took a bit of work because the documentation seemed incomplete to me *EDIT* This is because you HAVE to include the correct header file*EDIT* so here is my solution. When you create your popoverviewco
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Fixing an iPhone 2g power button

  So my iPhone’s power button broke a couple of weeks ago and the button was permanently stuck in a state of depression (haha).  I could jostle it free but it frequently would just start turning itself off and then back on since you turn the phone on by holding down the power button and turn it off by holding the power button.  So although I got a new iPhone 3gs I decided to see if I could repair my ol
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