Why well planned startups with great technology fail so often.

Entrepreneurs love to analyze what makes successful startups succeed and fail.  We think there’s a formula to the success that eludes us.  We think if only I could have technology that is as powerful as Dropbox, a mobile app as slick as Über’s, or even the creativity of Apple’s Wozniak we would be the next billionaire.  However, I think most entrepreneurs miss what makes a good business successful b
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Google is acquiring Nest

Google just announced that they will be buying Nest Labs, In. the makers of the Nest Learning Thermostat for a cool 3.2 billion dollars in cash. Wow, that’s impressive, I love hearing what companies are offered as they are bought and sold, because I love comparing industries.  Nest, even though it promises to use less power, etc. is really just an expensive convenience alternative for a cheap device we all alre
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ebay scammer movie2share.net scam

So anyone buying from the url movie2share.net appears to be a paypal / ebay scammer.  The are easy to catch, but they buy things like gift cards using stolen paypal account and ask you to send the cards through ebay message, why not email…I don’t know, because they have access to the persons email.  it’s a simple scam to catch because the paypal and ebay names/emails don’t line up.  but still.
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