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Xbox One Parties “Unable to join game” @xbox

Over Christmas, my brother and I each got Xbox One’s so we can play video games together when we get the chance. We use Xbox Live parties to video chat and play Call of Duty and Battlefield together. Initially the Party system was great, but after about a week we learned it was incredibly difficult to start a party without getting errors. After some research we have figured out a “hacky” way to fina
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Turtle Beach PX400 vs. Turtle Beach Tango/PX500 vs. Astro A50 vs. Tritton Warhead 7.1

Alright, so this week I went out bought all 4 of these headsets, tested them out and decided to keep the Turtle Beach Tango’s as my headset of choice. ¬†Price was not a big deal to me, audio quality, and ease of us however was. ¬†For music though the A50’s looked to be much nicer, the Tango’s couldn’t play my music near loud enough, but the volume is perfect when hooked up through the optical au
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