Corrupt .png iPhone causes black and white stripes

Today I built an iPhone app in simulator and it looked great, but on the actual iPhone the images were just black and white stripes across the screen.  I couldn’t find what caused the error but it seems certain .png’s aren’t liked by the iPhone, perhaps getting corrupted.  I resaved as a new .png and now the images look great!

  1. Brandon Tyler

    Strange. What settings did you change for the png to work? Did you downsize it?

  2. admin

    I completely remade it. It was a .png I downloaded from the web and edited. I wish I took screenshots, it was very odd. Something was corrupt in the file though. I’ve heard of the phones not accepting some odd versions of .png’s

  3. admin

    also you have any idea of a wordpress theme/what to install to run a code blog well.

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