Turtle Beach PX400 vs. Turtle Beach Tango/PX500 vs. Astro A50 vs. Tritton Warhead 7.1

Alright, so this week I went out bought all 4 of these headsets, tested them out and decided to keep the Turtle Beach Tango’s as my headset of choice.  Price was not a big deal to me, audio quality, and ease of us however was.  For music though the A50’s looked to be much nicer, the Tango’s couldn’t play my music near loud enough, but the volume is perfect when hooked up through the optical audio of my tv.

I was specifically interested in using this with an Xbox 360, so that did partially affect my judgement.  The PX400 is a great set of headphones, however the audio isn’t very loud and there’s not much in terms of EQ controls.  They also repeatedly lost connection with my Xbox while testing, so every time I turned on the Xbox I had to go through the ritual of repairing the headphones.  Although, the PX400 and 500 have a bluetooth dongle for mic audio, I found that wasn’t that big a deal-breaker for me.  The PX400 and PX500 have very similar body styles and are far more comfortable than any of the other 2 headphones tested.

The A50’s are great sounding, they have some fantastic EQ options, however only 1 EQ option really sounded great to me, the other 3 were complete mush.  Two things however led me not to choose the A50’s as the best headphones.  The headphone build quality and the odd hookup to the Xbox.  The build quality felt weak, and the headset itself had sharp edges that looked like they would get beat up really easily.  What was odd to me though was that of all of the headsets tested this one was not truly wireless, I still had to plug the mic into the controller.

The Tritton Warheads had the best setup of the group, having only 1 plug into the Xbox and everything else was fully wireless which was great.  Setup took a few seconds and I was up and running.  But then the headphones went on my head, and while they were adjustable, they fit terribly. They were clunky and painful to wear, and the audio was extremely subpar compared to everything else.

Lastly, let’s talk about the Tango headset or the PX500 just Call of Duty branded.  These headphones are fantastic.  The voice modulation is a joke, but the mic sounds decent and the mic EQ control is half decent.  The EQ itself is also a great feature, a number sound terrible, but a few sound great and the volume on these is much louder than the PX400’s – I am unsure why, but it’s night and day – I was unable to get the PX400’s loud enough for my liking, but I could crank these up and not have issues and when I found an EQ setting I liked, I was sold on these headphones having the best sound of the bunch and the best fit.  The A50’s might sound decent and be more powerful sound wise, but they were missing the quality of the PX500’s and all of the bluetooth controls, like hooking the PX500’s up to my phone to take phone calls while gaming without having to swap headsets.

Overall, what shocked me was that the mics on all of these sucked compared to the Xbox Kinect.  I hopped on a party chat and ran through headsets one by one with a blind test and we found that the Kinect by far sounded the best, surprising considering the Kinect sounds terrible while the TV Audio is on due to feedback, but with the headset turned on and the TV volume off, the Kinect mic sounds far superior to any of the tested mics.

Turtle Beach PX400 – $219.99

Turtle Beach Tango – $199

Turtle Beach PX500 – $219.99

Astro A50 $299.99

Tritton Warhead 7.1 Dolby Wireless Surround Headset – $249.99

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  1. Brandon Tyler

    That is really good to know that the Kinect mic works better than those headset mics!

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