New look and feel, and a new purpose

Hey friends and family,

I am going to start writing more on this blog for one reason or another, mainly I’m going to try to start remembering and sharing what I’m learning on a regular basis and what’s worth sharing in the life of an entrepreneur and digital business owner.

Today has already been an impactful day and I have been thinking quite a bit about how to view my time as money and making sure I’m spending my money (read time) doing the right things.  Spending as much time with Kayle as possible and being effective at Novation.  It’s not just enough to do my “job” running Novation, I need to make sure Novation is headed in the correct direction of being the premier firm in Dallas for all things digital.  That’s a different focus than we had last year, but a move that will please everyone we’ve worked with because I’m tired of telling clients there are things we are good at but won’t do, because they aren’t cost effective.  We are working on hiring and making sure that our team is capable of growing.  So 2014 will be the growth year for Novation.  I’m excited to see what happens.

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