Yotpo raises 10.7 million in funding!

Yotpo Logo

Have ya’ll heard of Yotpo yet?

Yotpo is an extremely powerful review system for shops to generate more reviews for their products from loyal customers. Essentially it asks your previous customers to review your shop and asks them to share those reviews to social networks.  It also lets you embed those reviews on your website to greatly help your SEO with constantly updating content.

They’re a startup based out of Tel Aviv, Israel that manages customer reviews for websites and ecommerce systems. I use them on our BigCommerce stores so that our customers get an email asking them to review and share our store out to their friends. They’re worth every penny  : P, they’re free for now, although they just launched a premium plan. I’m excited to hear they are doing well though because they have derived quite a bit of value for our ecommerce stores and I hope that as they get more and more functionality integrated into their system we will be able to use it more.


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