How to get full source referral URL in Google Analytics

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For a long time seeing the full source referral URL in Google Analytics has eluded me.  Once in while when I have time I start to dig in and I can find it, but it hasn’t been easy.

To solve this problem though I found a fantastic Google Analytics “template” report file that will generate reports for you with the full source referral url.

Google Analytics Custom Report Template

All you have to do is click that link and right away you’ll see custom Google Analytics reports showing your full source URL.

This still doesn’t solve the problem that my reports all look like this:
paypal source url screenshot

But maybe someday I’ll figure out how to limit PayPal from stealing all my traffic.  The traffic starts out as a legitimate source, google organic, or facebook, but somewhere during purchase PayPal steals the traffic even though I have tried so far 2 hacks to get PayPal to stop sending google analytics new tracking cookies.  Any ideas?

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