“Help! Someone stole my idea!”

Why is it that so many entrepreneurs think their ideas must be NDA’d and private before the idea has even turned into a product?  In the initial stages of creation an idea must be tested, discussed, and debated in order to turn into something brilliant. Long time creatives and entrepreneurs know this, but new entrepreneurs don’t understand this. They like to keep their idea private when the idea is still something completely intangible.  If you have spent hours planning, designing and perfecting your process, and have something patent worthy that may be worth an NDA.  Most ideas need to be shared before they can grow into a real business. Once you have a business NDA all you want, but not before then.

Remember being unique is a terrible business decision, if you have never seen your product before maybe there’s a reason. New ideas are great, but convincing a market that a never before seen product is necessary is one of the most difficult challenges a company can pursue, especially if the market doesn’t even know they need the product to begin with.


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