How bad is Windows 8 doing? Really really bad…

It’s disappointing to see how badly Windows 8 is doing. Even HP is now reverting to sell computers with Windows 7.  It’s not that bad, really : ). I know it’s being panned by critics, but it’s really not that bad. Overall, the performance of Windows 8 isn’t that bad once you disable the touch screen features on computers without a touch screen. But Microsoft made a huge mistake making the touch screen the default even for computers without a touch screen.

It’s wise of HP to start selling Windows 7 machines because the public is fed up with Windows 8, but I don’t think this will help solve the main problem people are having.  People just aren’t that interested in PC’s with Windows. The casual computer user can do most of their computing tasks from an iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle or even their phone.

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