ECommerce Systems need a change

Mobile Ecommerce

ECommerce systems are ripe for change.

  • Shopify isn’t customizable enough.
  • Bigcommerce is too slow bringing out new features.
  • Magento and Magento Go is far too complicated
  • Volusion’s technology is far outdated, but so are others.
  • NetSuite is far too complicated and completely bloated. (If you haven’t heard of NetSuite, they’re out of your league)

No eCommerce platform that currently exists has been built with all of these things in mind:

  1. ECommerce as a platform. Build your eCommerce system with partners in mind. Make sure that it’s easy for other people to make money on your website. (Not just PayPal, but other real people, template builders, etc. and add the marketplace built-in as a key store offering)
  2. ECommerce with mobile first. Build your store templates with a mobile first mentality, and then scale up to see what you can do with the extra space on tablets and on the desktop.
  3. ECommerce with developers in mind. Build a platform that is extendable by developers. Use JSON API’s for interacting with your templates. Use something like Angular JS, and Twitter Bootstrap to make customizations easy. No custom languages

Anyone interested in building this with me?

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