How to get someone banned from Twitter : )

Have you ever heard of people getting banned from a social network for doing “fake” activities? Things like artificially raising their numbers of followers on Twitter, getting hundreds of thousands of fake likes on Facebook, or even getting millions of fake views on youtube?

I’ve always been curious how or if a social network could detect someone doing this for their own good, or someone doing it to another page just to harm them. It appears the social networks cannot tell if it’s the account owner spamming the social network, or if it’s someone else forcing the account owner to spam the social network.

I’ve always been interested in trying this one out, for science reasons of course, but it appears a spam firm, Swenzy “Marketing”, already did this to The Daily Dot. Swenzy is a spam organization that exists to create “fake” notoriety on social networks and the social networks don’t like it. In fact using their technology can often get you banned from these networks instantly with no recourse to get your account reinstated.

So in order to get The Daily Dot banned from Twitter, Swenzy did what they are selling to a big brand and sure enough the big brands would have been banned from Twitter had they not reached out to Twitter immediately when they stared noticing high Twitter traffic for no apparent reason.

Why is Swenzy trying to get people like The Daily Dot banned? Because The Daily Dot did a story on them that revealed the scumbags Swenzy actually are.  Back in November Swenzy initially reached out to The Daily Dot offering their “services” to them and The Daily Dot saw that based on their previous list of clientele they had a fantastic story on their hands. Swenzy was in over it’s head and had no idea.

So in the interest of “science” The Daily Dot tested out one of Swenzy’s services on an obscure YouTube video and sure enough within a day the video gained over 600,000 views before YouTube took the video down. Shortly after The Daily Dot released an article outlining all of Swenzy’s or as they were known then, “SocialVEVO’s”, spam system numerous other news organizations picked up the story as well.  News outlets including Reuters, The Washington Post, and Gawker all released articles shedding the extremely negative light on this scam company and SocialVevo took a massive hit. The articles showed how SocialVEVO would charge for views and if you were caught your account would get banned from the social network. So within the next couple of months SocialVEVO went to work changing their name to Swenzy and retaliating against the companies that tarnished their brand. As of now it appears Twitter knows Swenzy is trying to harm The Daily Dot’s image, but make sure you don’t piss them off, because they know how to provide fake followers in numbers that will get you banned from Twitter. Also, if you’re buying likes, don’t buy them in ridiculous amounts – let’s be reasonable, the best traffic is organic traffic. Facebook Likes don’t affect your search engine ranking, they just artificially inflate public perception of your brand for a VERY short amount of time, at least until Facebook’s algorithm changes and you realize you should have spent your money earning real customers not ones that don’t exist.


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