Xbox One Parties “Unable to join game” @xbox

Over Christmas, my brother and I each got Xbox One’s so we can play video games together when we get the chance. We use Xbox Live parties to video chat and play Call of Duty and Battlefield together. Initially the Party system was great, but after about a week we learned it was incredibly difficult to start a party without getting errors. After some research we have figured out a “hacky” way to finally play together by both of us restarting the Xbox, then joining our party. If we were in the middle of playing though and try to invite the other to play with us its hopeless, we just get errors and can’t play together. Lately though even after going through this process of starting from scratch, once we try to play we get the message “Unable to join game”, which is quite frustrating, to say the least. We are in the party so we can at least talk about how much we hate multiplayer, but as for playing. ┬áNot a chance.

Perhaps Xbox should get it’s act together and actually create a party system that is bug free before launch – Oh! but with suckers like us that paid by preorders Microsoft wins while releasing a poorly designed multiplayer system. What good is an Xbox if you can’t play it with your friends?

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