Tablets and Phones as controllers

As great as the “mobile” revolution is, I’m constantly amazed we don’t see more usage of mainstream tablets and phones as touch control systems. The iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nexus 7, HTC One, and even the Moto X all make great control systems.

Specifically, I wish more sound systems would be controllable over great apps. Some sound systems are using apps to be controlled, but not nearly enough of stage systems are controlled by mobile controllers yet. More sound systems need to be able to be controlled digitally and hidden from sight. At some point sound systems will just be rack mountable and the controller will be compact, easy to use, and run from the iPad. For portable venues this would save untold numbers of man hours in setup.

  1. Adam Lockhart

    Cutting edge composers use plenty of technologies to control way more than sound systems in a performance environment. We use everything from touch, motion, proximity or computer vision as input for interactive multimedia art experiences. We are unfortunately somewhat esoteric.

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