Beats headphones & the Apple Acquisition

So it is official, Apple has purchased Beats headphones for $3 billion. We’ve been hearing about the acquisition talks for awhile now, but there is a small part of me that died inside when a company I hate was purchased by a company I love. However, we all have to start somewhere. Beats is just a brand, their product quality is extremely subpar for the price, but hopefully with Apple’s help Beats will improve their quality and start creating not just great looking headphones, but great sounding headphones.

Some would say that the Beats acquisition, has NOTHING at all to do with Beat’s headphones, and everything to do with the Beats streaming music service. While this makes sense, I am really hoping thatĀ Apple can take some of the best looking headphones around, keep their current price point, and transform beats into a company known for quality, not a company associated with Monster Cables, and pseudo quality. After all, Apple is known for creating and encouraging products that excel in quality, and BeatsĀ just doesn’t come close right now.

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