Fixing an iPhone 2g power button


So my iPhone’s power button broke a couple of weeks ago and the button was permanently stuck in a state of depression (haha).  I could jostle it free but it frequently would just start turning itself off and then back on since you turn the phone on by holding down the power button and turn it off by holding the power button.  So although I got a new iPhone 3gs I decided to see if I could repair my old iPhone and here are some pictures from that process.


The iPhone before I began.  Look at how nice of condition this phone is still in (the bubbles on the screen are from the screen protector, the screen is immaculate).  It’s a 2g but only a year old and what happened was I had it sitting on the conference table at work and someone knocked the phone off the table and it landed on the power button on the carpet thus permanently depressing the switch.


And here is the phone with the plastic casing off.  This was one of the hardest parts and I never could get the plastic back on perfectly but since the phone is in a hardshell inCase case the slight bend in the black plastic can’t be seen.


So here is where I removed 3 screws holding the metal cover on the phone.  The screws were quite small and I had to use an exacto knife to take them out but this was easy compared to actually removing the cover.

This step took the most patience as I pried the metal cover off of the phone.  As I was removing the cover it felt like I was about to damage the phone and although I slightly bent the metal cover (about 1/4mm – on one side, not noticeable) I finally got it off without too much hassle.  I just had to take that long black tool in the upper left and shove into the phone and then pry the cover off with quite a bit of force.

And this is the BUTTON!  What you can see here is the plastic power button and the membrane covering the actual switch.  After removing this I couldn’t see anything wrong but after bending the metal a bit and then fitting the button back into place the button works.  It’s not working like a new button though and has no movement when pressed, so you just kind of set your finger firmly on the button to press it.

So that’s about it in what I did to fix this phone.  It’s working great and it’s a nicer condition phone then the one Kayle had so I gave it to her and now I have her old phone over here ready for me to play with : ).  Her phone has a major problem with the known mechanical issue of the iPhone thinking the headphones are plugged in.  This is fixed by repeatedly inserting/removing the headphones forcefully, but this can get really annoying.  Her old phone was also extremely quiet but I can’t figure that out – some speaker issue.

Brandon Copley

  1. Kayle

    Thanks again for letting me use your old phone!! The speaker works so much better than my old one did. And I really like having the screen protector on it. I was very entertained this weekend in watching you take apart the phone, having 5 computers in your room at once and taking apart and putting back together your new clicky keyboard!

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